DirectorS / ProducerS / CREATORS

We're seeking filmmakers and creators (video journalists, YouTubers, etc) of all types whose mission it is to create work that is both massively engaging and deeply meaningful. We’re looking for supremely talented, ego-less, emotionally intelligent, deeply thoughtful, and compassionate individuals to create work that serves our 3.5M+ global community. 

The Company

Jubilee Media is a digital media startup that tells thoughtful, empathetic, and real stories through videos. We’re a band of creatives, change makers, and storytellers who tell raw stories that knit together humanity, challenge conventional thinking, and inspire a movement for human good.

The Job

Jubilee is seeking highly talented Directors/Producers/Creators that can nurture an idea from its ideation all the way to its finished film form to share with the world (i.e. pitching ideas, casting, finding crew, managing set, managing editor, etc). We're looking for true hustlers passionate about creating work to be shared across our various online platforms of 3.5 Million+ followers (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, the web). You will collaborate with our network of freelance creatives, be exposed to rising talent of all types, and be part of a tight knit family that pushes each other to our highest potential every day.

Who you are

  • Passionate about life and living greater each and every day

  • Cares about people and their stories

  • Driven by curiosity and grit

  • Humble, with the ability to receive feedback and notes of all types without ego

  • Preferably at least 3-4 years of experience filmmaking or creating videos

  • Exceptionally creative and passionate about telling powerful stories for
    massive audiences

  • Has a go-getter attitude and makes things happen without permission

  • Ability to direct/lead teams and keep a budget

  • Familiarity with filmmaking technical tools - ie: Adobe Premiere Pro,
    Creative Suite, etc

  • Keen interest and/or understanding of digital media space, trends, behaviors, etc

  • Eagerness to mentor and serve junior team members

What you'll do

  • Develop and ideate new film ideas that push the Jubilee mission and voice

  • Assemble cast and crew members for each video piece

  • Manage production budgets

  • Produce, direct, lead, and manage shoots/sets

  • Maintain & execute the film’s vision to raise the bar for Jubilee's mission
    and voice

  • Edit or support the edit in post-production and develop video release plans
    for a mass audience

This is a full-time, salaried + equity role based in our Los Angeles (El Segundo) offices.

All applicants who pass the interviews will create a project with us as a temporary director/creative in residency (with full compensation) as a final step before a full time offer.

*Note: Current position is FULL. We will notify you once we are hiring again!


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