post prodction intern

Hello! We’re seeking an amazing storyteller and filmmaker who can serve as a post-production intern. We’re looking for young, talented creators who have familiarity with the post-production process: organizing + prepping projects, DIT, editing, etc.

The Company

At Jubilee, we're on an epic mission to inspire a whole generation of change makers and inspire radical empathy. We're looking for our next family member to join the adventure. Jubilee Media is a digital media startup that tells inspiring stories through videos. We’re a band of creatives, change makers, and storytellers who tell raw stories that knit together humanity, challenge conventional thinking, and inspire love - to live for something greater. At Jubilee, we embrace courage, humility, grit and hope. We believe that together we can change the world.

The Job

Jubilee is seeking a highly thoughtful, detail oriented post-production intern to join our Los Angeles office for a 6-month long internship. Reporting to our Lead Editor, the post-production intern will assist with prepping projects for our editing team, quality control checks, maintaining backups of our assets, and will have opportunities to help out on set and assist on edits.

Who You Are

  • Passionate about life and living greater each and every day

  • Cares about people and their stories

  • Driven by curiosity and grit

  • Humble, with the ability to receive feedback and notes of all types without ego

  • Has a go-getter attitude and makes things happen without permission

  • Familiarity with Adobe Creative Suite - Premiere Pro, After Effects, Media Encoder, etc.

  • Strong emotional IQ and ability to befriend strangers and very different groups of people

  • Keen interest and understanding of digital media space, trends, behaviors, etc.

What You'll Do

  • Organize & prepare project assets, sync footage, prepare stringouts, etc.

  • Assist editing team with polishing edits (polishing graphics, sound, etc.)

  • Have the opportunity to be on set as a DIT

  • Maintain consistent and accurate backups of our media & hard drives

  • Edit shorter digital content for social platforms

  • Assist on channel edits

This is a full-time, stipend role ($2,000 per month) based in our Los Angeles (El Segundo) office. Internships last for 6 months and are 5 days a week in the office.


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